Mentors are the heart of our community! As a mentor, you will be the hands, feet and face of a community of support, helping students know they are not alone and meeting practical needs at the moment when support is needed most.


Your support makes sure students have their basic needs met, connects them to resources and to each other and advocates for change in their lives, creating a better future for the community, and the student.


Volunteering is important it allows you to directly impact a students life! When you volunteer, you’re helping ensure that they have support, reminding them that unity is important. Volunteering shows YOU care.

Each donation is an essential help for every student's life

Become a


Support programs that promote excellence.

When you support programs like ours. You help it to continue creating productive students in the community. Your donation also helps further their education beyond high school, and create economic value in the community.

Recurring Donations

You can make ongoing donations and by doing this it will ensure a successful program, provide stability for stundents and allow access to greater resources.

One-time Donations

One time donations are a BIG help in providing immediate supplies that keeps the program sustainable. This is one of the best kinds of support.

A donation goes a long way

Donate because you care and because it creates a way for some disadvantaged students to excel and conquer their dream.

Recurring donations 45%
One-time donations 86%